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Q. What is the difference between FURIL and FURIL’?

FURIL'A. FURIL (フリル) was a pop group formed in 1995 by the three lead actresses in Wedding Peach; Hikami Kyouko (Momoko), Nogami Yukana (Yuri), and Miyamura Yuuko (Hinagiku). The name of the group derives of course from the English language word “frill” which is a gathered strip of material often used to embellish dresses, particularly those used in Western weddings.

As a pop group, FURIL made a variety of concert and event appearances during the Wedding Peach anime’s television broadcast. They sang the first opening and ending theme for the anime, and released a full vocal album in May of 1995.

When Angel Salvia joined the show and Imai Yuka became part of the cast, FURIL was officially renamed to FURIL’ (フリルズ) and they continued entertaining at concerts and through Wedding Peach tie-in music until disbanding in 1997 after the conclusion of the DX OVA. Later music from the series, and from the DX in particular (like “Merry Angel”), features performances from FURIL’ rather than FURIL.

But is there much of a difference in the name just through a simple ” ‘ “? It turns out there is. You may note above that although the letters in FURIL and FURIL’ are identical when romanized when written in katakana they are actually not the same. This is because FURIL’ is actually pronounced as the plural “frills” | “fu-ri-ru-zu” as opposed to the singular “frill” | “fu-ri-ru.”

I try to consistently represent the name of the group as either FURIL or FURIL’ here on based on Imai Yuka’s inclusion, as per the Japanese releases and fandom. I hope this help explains things a little bit and assists you with the archival of your Wedding Peach music!