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May 12


I know I’m not the only one who loves supporting Wedding Peach fan creations, so I figured I’d share this sticker set that Real Inspiration is selling on their Etsy store. The set contains a super cute assortment of Saint Something Four stickers along with Jama-Pii and a few extras.  There aren’t many left in stock as of this writing, so get in quick! If you’re a fan of other magical girl series be sure to check out the Ojamajo Doremi, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne stickers available too.

May 08


Korean jewellery manufacturer Clue today revealed images from their second round of collaborative Wedding Peach jewellery. After fans voted, these items were included in the collection;

  • New necklaces
  • New earrings
  • Watches
  • A bracelet Saint Pendule
  • A Saint Something Old combo set

Overall the items unveiled today (haha) are a tad more ornate than the previously announced products and look fairly sizable and elaborate. I’m still trying to decide what items I want to get, what about you? Please refer to Clue’s Instagram post below for more information.


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웨딩 뷰티풀 플라워 ~ 성스러운 천사들의 인싸템이여 ! 클루X웨딩피치 2차 라인업 공개 ❣️ – 평소 착용하기 좋은 일코템부터 웨딩피치 원작 그대로를 재현한 덕후템 상품까지! – @ 어떤게 젤 예뻐? 나한테 어울리는거 추천해줘! – ☑️ 세인트 썸씽포는 추후 공개됩니다! ☑️ 5월 13일 클루 공식몰에서 사전구매가능! ? ☑️클루 챗봇을 통해 웨딩피치 상품소식을 받으실 수 있어요! ☑️웨딩피치 1차 라인업이 궁금해? ? ☑️ 궁금한 내용은 댓글을 또는 인스타 스토리를 통해 문의해주세요!

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May 01


Korean jewellery manufacturer Clue today revealed the first visuals of their collaborative Wedding Peach product range. After fans voted, the final lineup for sale was narrowed down to;

  • 4 x Necklaces (one design per angel)
  • 4 x Earrings (one design per angel)
  • 4 x Bracelets (one design per angel)
  • 6 x Rings (one design each for Lily & Salvia, 2 each for Peach & Daisy)
  • A special Saint Operation necklace

While offline preorders start at the beginning of the month, the general release of products from the range won’t be until the end of May. Please refer to Clue’s tweet below for more information, including details on their 10% discount offer. Exciting!!

Apr 29


Sadly this doesn’t help those of us living vicariously through the Internet, but for those physically in South Korea, Clue will be holding an exclusive in-store only preorder event for its new Wedding Peach range between May 3rd-May 6th 2019. Attendees will be able to purchase the collaborative goods in advance and receive a 10% off voucher to boot.

Everyone else? Well, I guess we’ll just have to be patient! (But seriously, I’m exciteddddddd~!!)

Apr 02


The official Clue Twitter account has added some photos taken during their in-depth customer interview process. Fans were able to see samples and give their direct feedback and opinions regarding the items last month at this exclusive event. The final products will release in May 2019!

Mar 12


A quick heads up to fans keen on getting some original fan-designed (unofficial) Wedding Peach pins, Pretty Orients have two designs recently arrived in stock. One features Peach & Jama-pii and the other the Saint Melody Box. They can be bought individually or together for a limited combo price. Check out the details below!

They are finally here!??? Only 10 lots left for combo price of USD20, free tracked shipping. Get them before price goes up! #weddingpeach #momoko #enamelpins #sailormoon #prettyguardian #prettyguardiansailormoon #japananime #pins #pinsfortrade #pin #wedding #peach #pinsforsale

49 Likes, 4 Comments – Pretty Orients (@prettyorients) on Instagram: “They are finally here!??? Only 10 lots left for combo price of USD20, free tracked shipping. Get…”

I looooooove Wedding Peach fan creations just as much as I love official merchandise so I wanted to give these pins a plug. If you’re keen too, contact Pretty Orients via their Instagram or Etsy accounts. (I’m not being asked to promote these items, nor any items on this site — I just really love me some Wedding Peach goodies, what can I say?)

Feb 28


Clue has wasted no time in getting their Wedding Peach collaboration voting form online, allowing Korean fans to vote for their favourite designs from an assortment of choices. Included in the selection are a variety of necklace, bracelet, ring, and earring, designs based on all four of the main love angels motifs & weapons.

The voting form is open for a limited time, as the collaboration is scheduled for release in May of 2019. You can keep up-to-date with news on this campaign through the official Clue Instagram account (or keep visiting me~).