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Wedding Peach Manga Volume #1

Hanasaki Momoko watches a video of her parents’ wedding ceremony and dreamily dresses up in her mother’s gown.

“Someday I’ll wear this for sure and get happily married just like you did.”

While Momoko is fantasizing a mysterious man outside eyes her ruby ring memento and remarks that it is surely one of the Saint Somethings. The entire scene is interrupted by the appearance of Yuri and Hinagiku, Momoko’s friends who are there to walk to school with her. Both are shocked to see Momoko in the wedding gown and tease her as she has yet to find a boyfriend yet (though, as Momoko points out, neither have they). The girls are in a hurry to get to school as they are covering a soccer match for the school paper.

summary-manga-vol-01-inside-01When they arrive, they’re all immediately struck by the looks and talent of team captain, Yanagiba Kazuya. Not only is he the captain, but he’s also the team’s star striker and handsome to boot. Momoko and her friends immediately declare themselves rivals for his affection. The mysterious man from earlier observes the scene from the shadows. When the girls rush to interview Yanagiba after the game, Momoko is almost hit in the face with a soccer ball but saved by the team’s goalie, Fuuma Yousuke. Although she initially thinks he’s handsome too, Momoko decides Yousuke is a jerk after he loudly refuses the girls’ requests to interview Yanagiba for the paper. The mysterious man who has been observing the group all day finally picks this time to make his move, grabbing Momoko and whisking her away in an attempt to steal her ruby ring. When Yuri and Hinagiku attempt to call for help, the man uses some kind of dark energy to knock them out.

summary-manga-vol-01-inside-02Alone and scared, Momoko bites her captor in an attempt to free herself and it is in this moment that an angelic being, Limone, appears. Limone declares that he will not let the Saint Somethings fall into the hands of devils, and names his rival who had been holding Momoko as the devil, Pluie. While the two men battle each other, Momoko tries to awaken her sleeping friends but Hinagiku becomes possessed by Pluie’s pet creature, Jama-pii. The possessed Hinagiku physically attacks Momoko and tries to pull her ring off. Limone tells Momoko that Hinagiku is possessed and throws her a compact, urging her to help her friend by transforming into the love angel, Wedding Peach. Momoko is sceptical until the angelic goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, appears in the compact and tells her to say Wedding Beautiful Flower to initiate the transformation. Momoko does this and immediately finds herself clad in a wedding dress, which Aphrodite states is awash with the power of love. Wedding Peach tries to give a heroic speech, but the possessed Hinagiku isn’t interested and continues attacking. It is then that Wedding Peach’s bouquet transforms into the Saint Camera, and she is able to use the Bridal Flash attack to push Jama-pii out of Hinagiku with powerful Love Waves.

Jama-pii tells his master that there is a love angel in the human world, causing Pluie to gather up his pet and leave. Limone congratulates Wedding Peach on a job well done. The scene then fades and Momoko is happy to see Yuri and Hinagiku awaken from their slumber. She tells them about the compact and wonders where Limone is, but the other two girls are baffled and have no memory of these events. Momoko stares down at her ring and is adamant that what just happened was not a dream.


In the Devil World, Reine Devila declares that all love must be extinguished and angels forced to serve devils. She wants her subject, Pluie, to find the Saint Something Four in order to infuse these objects with malice and hatred so that her plan to destroy love can succeed. Reine Devila is unimpressed that Limone, an angel previously thought to be missing, and Wedding Peach, a new enemy, have appeared to thwart her plans. She reiterates that Pluie must kill those who stand in his way in order to begin her new era of destruction. Pluie says he knows who owns one of the Saint Somethings and this will be where he starts the next step of his plan.

summary-manga-vol-01-inside-03Meanwhile, Momoko awakens from a dream about her experience meeting Limone and becoming Wedding Peach. She feels there was more to this experience than simply a dream, but can’t dwell on the issue as she’s late for school. When she arrives at school she sees Yuri and Hinagiku acting suspiciously — they’ve both brought lunch to give to Yanagiba, and not wanting to be left out Momoko quickly offers her own lunch to Yanagiba. Unfortunately, Yousuke intercepts the food and remarks that it’s just cheap convenience store rice balls, but he’ll confiscate the rice balls along with the lunches from Yuri and Hinagiku as well as “gifts” for the soccer team. All three girls are furious, however, they’re also late for class and can’t stick around to debate the issue. Later, during lunchtime, the girls are hungry without their lunches but still decide to head to the lunchtime soccer practice. Momoko is livid when she sees that Yousuke is enjoying her rice balls and dashes to confront him only to wind up getting hit in the face with a stray soccer ball and knocked out. While unconscious, Momoko thinks to herself that she feels warm and safe, only to awaken and realise that she is being carried by Yousuke to the nurse’s office.

summary-manga-vol-01-inside-04Hinagiku and Yuri dash off to find the nurse, leaving Yousuke and Momoko alone to bicker. Momoko is annoyed that Yousuke would attend to her, but he says he could never abandon an injured girl particularly since it’s kind of his fault. Momoko blushes and Yousuke suggests she’s falling for him, which causes her to smack him around until she’s dropped onto the bed in the nurse’s office. Their hands overlap and the pair come close to kissing but the arrival of Yuri and Hinagiku with the nurse puts an end to the situation. Yousuke leaves, saying Momoko has a head like a rock and is heavy, causing Momoko to declare she hates him. Her friends are glad Momoko is OK, but also want to use the moment to get closer to Yanagiba by telling him that she isn’t badly injured so he shouldn’t worry. Just as the squabbling pair are about to walk into class they notice everyone around them is unconscious. Pluie is there for Momoko’s ring and he tells her if she doesn’t produce it, all her classmates will die. Momoko reluctantly hands over the ring and Pluie attacks the three girls. In desperation, Momoko pleads to Aphrodite to give her the same powers again. A bright light appears, producing the Saint Miroir compact and Momoko transforms into Wedding Peach. Yuri and Hinagiku are shocked to witness this, but Pluie’s annoyance upon realising that Momoko has given him a fake ring overshadows the moment. Wedding Peach kicks him in the face with her “Wedding Kick” attack and admonishes him for his actions.

Pluie leaps out the window causing Wedding Peach to give chase, though she struggles in her cumbersome dress. The devil attacks her with a powerful wind gust, causing Yuri and Hinagiku to try and interfere. Peach’s two friends are dragged into a dark abyss and Peach desperately reaches out to them.

“Even if I lose my life, I won’t let them die!”

Peach manages to reach her friends but is horrified to see that they may actually be dead, just as this happens they’re enveloped in a flowery glow. The vortex Pluie created is gone while Yuri and Hinagiku are now transformed into Angel Lily and Angel Daisy respectively. The two new angels make their grand debut to Pluie’s disdain, he summons a lesser demon called Tornade to fight the angels. Like Pluie, Tornade uses wind attacks and it isn’t long before the angels find themselves struggling. The three are instructed by Aphrodite to undergo the Oironaoshi (wedding dress change) and together they transform into fighter angels. Angel Daisy uses Saint Pendule Daisy Blizzard to destroy the whirlwind and Angel Lily uses Saint Lipliner Lily Rainbow to restrain Tornade. Wedding Peach destroys Tornade using Saint Miroir Bridal Flash and Pluie is forced to retreat. Peach is excited to have her friends as allies but Lily and Daisy will need some time to adjust to the change.


summary-manga-vol-01-inside-06At Hinagiku’s home (which also serves as her parents’ flower shop), the three girls discuss being attacked by devils in their otherwise normal neighbourhood. Momoko remarks that it isn’t all bad as there’s also the handsome angel Limone who comes to assist sometimes. Yuri remarks that Pluie was seeking the Saint Something Four and explains to her friends that when a bride marries she needs to find Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue to ensure fortune for her new life. Hinagiku doesn’t understand why these things would be important to their current situation, but Momoko is keen because she thinks finding the objects could lead to her own happy wedding. The discussion spirals into a debate over who should marry Yanagiba (with Momoko being told she should stick with Fuuma Yousuke) before being interrupted by a phone call from Momoko’s father — she’s meant to be assisting him with photographing a wedding and she’s late! Momoko dashes to meet her father, but spaces out about the suggestion that she should be with Yousuke. Her train of thought is shattered by none other than Yousuke himself, as she’s knocked onto her butt. Yousuke teases her but helps her up and heads on his way after calling her “Momo-pii”, much to Momoko’s chagrin.

summary-manga-vol-01-inside-05Later, at the wedding reception, Momoko assists her father Shouichirou with his camera gear. The bride and groom, Mimiko and Susumu, used to attend the same school as the leads (Saint Hanazono) so many of the attendees are current and former students. Included in this number are Yousuke and the rest of the soccer team, as Susumu was once the team’s star. This annoys Momoko though she cannot help but be distracted when the team puts on their skillful soccer display. Unfortunately, this moment is interrupted by an angry remark from the bride — she hates her husband! Mimiko soon starts listing all of Susumu’s flaws before declaring that love is a sham. Noticing the odd behaviour, Momoko uses her Saint Miroir to spot Jama-pii inside the bride, just as the possessed Mimiko starts attacking the crowd. Yousuke steps in to protect Momoko from the spreading darkness, but is overcome by the dark fumes and falls into unconsciousness. Mimiko moves on Momoko, who is horrified to see Yousuke has passed out in her arms.


summary-manga-vol-01-inside-07Mimiko continues to advance on Momoko, who comes to the realisation that Yousuke has actually been killed by the dark fumes. A tearful Momoko begs Yousuke to open his eyes, but it isn’t until a bright light emanates from Momoko that his heart begins beating again. Yousuke awakens and both he and Momoko are fairly embarrassed by what has happened. Yousuke slips back into unconsciousness from the gas as Momoko goes to investigate. Yanagiba is unaffected by the fumes. Using this moment to transform, Wedding Peach follows Mimiko into the next reception hall where another couple starts shouting at each other about how much they hate each other. Pluie instructs Jama-pii to continue pursuing brides in order to expose the hidden Saint Something in the complex. Wedding Peach is having none of this and launches into her speech before using her Lovely Peach Tempest power to open Mimiko’s heart and get her to reflect on all the good times she and Susumu have had together. When Mimiko remembers her love for Susumu, Jama-pii attempts to take over her heart again but Wedding Peach gets her Saint Miroir to try and stop him. Pluie intervenes, declaring it’s time for Peach to die for foiling his plans. Limone appears and stops Pluie, but this distraction has given Jama-pii enough time to take over Mimiko’s heart again.

summary-manga-vol-01-inside-08Nearby, Hinagiku is helping her florist father deliver flowers to the reception hall. Yuri bumps into her, having just delivered a rental outfit from her parents’ store. The two angels hear Peach screaming and desperately want to assist, but they don’t know how to transform. Suddenly the Saint Pendule and Saint Lipliner manifest in front of them and they use the devices to turn into Angel Daisy and Angel Lily. The two newly transformed angels use their powers to restrain Mimiko so that Peach can use Saint Miroir Bridal Flash to finally expel Jama-pii from the bride’s body. However, now that Jama-pii is out of Mimiko he morphs into a monstrous creature and grabs all three angels in his claws.


summary-manga-vol-01-inside-09Peach begins drawing Jama-pii’s demonic energy into her own body to protect her friends. Lily and Daisy plead with Peach to stop before she is killed, but Peach just wants her friends to run and be spared. Daisy physically pushes open Jama-pii’s claws, allowing herself and Daisy to get free. Peach remains restrained by Jama-pii and all seems lost until her ruby ring begins to glow and transform into a Wedding Sword. Aphrodite tells Peach to direct Love Waves at Jama-pii using this new weapon, which she does eagerly using her Wedding Peach Cut attack. Not only is Jama-pii shrunk back to his actual size by this attack, but he is also no longer filled with hate and views Peach as an ally. Pluie is dismayed by Jama-pii’s weakness and disappears before he is forced to continue fighting Limone. Lily and Daisy are overwhelmed by Peach’s attempt to sacrifice herself to save them, both distraught that she could have been killed. Limone congratulates Peach on her willingness to protect her friends stating it was her heart that purified Jama-pii and protected the other angels. Having never seen Limone before, Lily and Daisy are left blushing by his handsomeness and kind words.

Back in the reception hall, nobody remembers the possession and continues on with the formalities as normal. Momoko notices Yousuke and remembers how he shielded her from the demonic energy. She summons all her strength and says

“I just wanted to say thank you… For y’know, coming to protect me from that devil… and, uh…”

Although Momoko’s sentiments are true, Yousuke does not remember the incident and teases her for being so silly. He claims he’d save himself and leave her if there were such a thing as devils attacking. Momoko is furious and tells Yousuke she hates him.

Later, Momoko reflects on how nice the love between Susumu and Mimiko was and how much she’d like to experience a similar romance. This proceeds into a daydream about marrying Yanagiba, who at the last minute is replaced with Yousuke. Momoko can’t fathom why he keeps popping up in her mind, given how much he annoys her, but then she remembers his willingness to protect her from the devil attack.

summary-manga-vol-01-inside-10Back in the Devil World, Pluie recalls how the Wedding Sword emerged from Peach’s ring — he’s sure this item is one of the Saint Somethings. He decides the best way to secure the ring is to kill the girl who owns it and to simply take it for himself. Jama-pii is still flush with Love Waves and remarks on his affection for Peach, which causes Pluie to inject him with hate so he can go after Peach again. Pluie wonders how much longer Jama-pii will remain useful now that he’s been infected with Love Waves. Meanwhile, on Earth, Momoko is rehearsing what she’s going to say to Yousuke about her weird comments the day before. Just as she’s doing this, however, Yousuke appears and while he initially seems like he may tease her again, he says she seems so sincere he’s beginning to think maybe the things she described actually did occur. The two of them share a moment together before Jama-pii attacks them with a fireball. Yousuke leaps and pulls Momoko out of the way, but she’s determined not to let him get hurt protecting her again. When she’s about to transform into Wedding Peach, Pluie appears and knocks the Saint Miroir from her hands. Pluie remarks that his suspicions were correct and that Momoko is indeed Wedding Peach. Yousuke, while not understanding the situation, still decides to grab the dropped Saint Miroir and toss it to Momoko as he feels she needs it. However, just as he’s about to do this Jama-pii enters his heart and stops him from giving Momoko back her compact. Pluie laughs as Jama-pii begins to strangle Momoko using Yousuke’s body…

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Volume #1 Bangaihen (Extra Chapter)

summary-manga-vol-01-inside-13The school sports festival is in full swing and Yanagiba wins in a running race that has him neck-and-neck with Yousuke. Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku all rush to congratulate Yanagiba with food but are beaten to the punch by several other girls, all keen to win Yanagiba’s heart too. Yousuke appears and wants to eat Momoko’s food, however, she resists because she’d made it specifically for Yanagiba to enjoy. Momoko remarks that Yousuke is the last person she’d give food to, which upsets him. This gives a nearby devil the opportunity to possess Yousuke, who begins to swipe everyone’s lunches. Momoko wonders if this is down to Yousuke really wanting to eat the lunch she’d made but quickly forgets this thought when the possessed Yousuke steals the fried shrimp she’d been saving until last. Momoko gives chase to Yousuke, dropping her Saint Miroir in the process. Just when she’s got him cornered and about to transform, she realises she doesn’t have her compact. The possessed Yousuke attempts to take her ring, but Limone intervenes, giving Momoko a chance to catch her compact when an alert Hinagiku finds it and throws it to her.

Momoko transforms into Wedding Peach and quickly uses her Bridal Flash attack to expel the devil in Yousuke’s heart. Limone tells Peach and her untransformed allies that they must not allow the Saint Somethings to fall into the hands of the devils. The girls say they will protect them and the chapter ends with Momoko watching Yanagiba play soccer, lamenting that she is torn between the soccer star and Limone.

End of Volume #1