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Welcome to, a growing resource focused on the 1994-1997 Japanese multimedia franchise, Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach. Here you will find English language information on the series, as well as a variety of rare images and music for your enjoyment. Please look around and have a wonderful stay. We currently have 355 quality, original Wedding Peach scans for your enjoyment with more to come! All 10 regular series CD singles and CD albums are available to listen to as well. More multimedia is on its way, stay tuned!

manga-chapters-01The primary Wedding Peach manga adaptation was written and illustrated by Yazawa Nao and ran between March 1994 and April 1996 in Shogakukan’s Ciao (ちゃお) magazine for young girls. The chapters in Yazawa’s manga didn’t have standard chapter titles and often continued directly from the previous month’s issue, as such I’ve listed them here by number only.

I’ve also included confirmed instances of colour pages published with each Wedding Peach chapter, if I have not got a copy myself of an issue or cannot verify the existence of colour pages with the Media Arts Database, I’ve listed the month as “N/A.” Any month without a colour page is listed as “No.”

The final column below includes a list of the Wedding Peach furoku bundled with each issue of Ciao magazine during the series’ run. There are a couple of months I’ve yet to confirm 100% as I do not own that month’s magazine issue and resources for older Ciao issues are fairly sparse. I hope this will be a useful reference for fans regardless, and I will update accordingly when I add missing pieces to my collection.


Chapter NumberColour PagesMagazine IssueIncluded Furoku
02Yes04/1994Ciao All-Star Seal Set
03Yes05/1994Wedding❤Peach Okashi Bag
04Yes06/1994Wedding❤Peach Video Box, Wedding❤Peach Video Label Seal, Ciao Game Book
05Yes07/1994Ciao Summer Mini Mini Book Note
06Yes08/1994Ciao All-Star Trump
07No09/1994Wedding❤Peach Shin Gakki go Aisatsu Card, Ciao Shin Gakki Variety Seal Set
09No11/1994Ciao Halloween Greeting Card
10No12/1994Ciao Christmas Message Mascot, Message Seal, Pop-Up Card
11Yes01/1995Ciao 1995 Calendar, Happy New Year Seal
12Yes02/1995None (Yazawa Nao 4-koma featured in pull-out magazine supplement).
13Yes03/1995Owakare Message Card
14Yes04/1995Ciao Yoroshiku Meishi Cards and Case
15Yes05/1995Wedding Peach Lovely Bag
16Yes06/1995Wedding Peach Jewellery Box
17Yes07/1995Wedding Peach Nagareboshi Kurukuru Uranai-ban
18Yes08/1995Ciao Original Tarot Cards, Uranai Book, Wedding Peach Shochuu o Mimai Oufuku Letter
19Yes09/1995Ciao All-Star Dai Shugou Seal, Ciao Rainbow Seal, Ciao Da~isuki❤ Cooking Book
20Yes10/1995Wedding Peach Sweet Pack Set
21Yes11/1995Wedding Peach Uki Uki Lunch Box
22Yes12/1995Wedding Peach Christmas o Kazari Sheet, Tomy toy booklet
23Yes01/1996Ciao 1996 Calendar, Ciao Character All-Star Karuta, All-Star Shin'nen Omedeta Box
24Yes02/1996Wedding Peach Henshin Letter Stand
25Yes03/1996Ciao Omoide Seal

Please be advised that these chapters represent only those from the “main” series. There were also a couple of side stories in Ciao supplements that were later included in print volumes.