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anime-episodes-01The Wedding Peach animated TV series was broadcast between April 5th, 1995 and March 27th, 1996 during the Wednesday 6pm time slot on TV-Tokyo. The previous series that aired in this slot was the anime Blue Seed and after Wedding Peach concluded the short-lived Choukou Senshi Changéríon tokusatsu series took over. The time slot is probably best known to international viewers as being the home of fan-favourite anime series, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, during its original 1997 broadcast.

Wedding Peach ran for a total of 51 television episodes before later being compiled on Laser Disc, VHS, and DVD for home video release in Japan. For your reference, I’ve compiled a list of all the TV episode air dates, Japanese titles, and English titles. This list was created with reference to the Wedding Peach Secret File Art Book, the Japanese Wedding Peach Wiki page, and my copies of the US DVD release of the series from ADV Films.

Please note that although the English titles are fairly close to the original Japanese titles, the ADV release names are sometimes awkwardly phrased or perhaps not the most succinct interpretation of the Japanese equivalent. So don’t be shocked if the side-by-side titles aren’t 100% identical.


Episode NumberJapanese TitleEnglish TitleOriginal Air Date
01祝! 愛天使誕生Celebrate! The Birth of the Love Angel05/04/1995
02あっぱれ! お色直しSplendid! Bridal Dress Change12/04/1995
03ねらわれた花嫁The Targeted Bride19/04/1995
04エンジェルリリィ誕生Angel Lily is Born26/04/1995
053人目の愛天使The Third Love Angel03/05/1995
06じゃ魔ピーの逆襲Jama-P's Counterattack10/05/1995
07食べすぎにご用心Take Care Against Eating Too Much17/05/1995
08パジャ魔と眠り姫Pajama and the Sleeping Princess24/05/1995
09奪われたサムシングフォーThe Stolen Something Four31/05/1995
10お見事! 友情お色直しWell Done! Friendship Renewal07/06/1995
11時をかけるひなぎくTime Traveling Hinagiku14/06/1995
12美人悪魔の恋占いThe Beautiful Devil's Love Fortune Telling21/06/1995
13勝負! 悪魔のPK戦Challenge! The Devil's Penalty Kick Battle28/06/1995
14奪われた愛の指輪The Stolen Ring of Love05/07/1995
15潜入! 悪魔の森Infiltration! The Devil's Forest12/07/1995
16悪魔族の誇りThe Devil's Pride19/07/1995
17聖花園学園の秘密The Secret of Saint Hanazono Campus26/07/1995
18愛天使、夏休みも戦うわ!Love Angels, We'll Fight, Even During Summer Vacation02/08/1995
19真夏の夜の神秘Midsummer Night's Mystery09/08/1995
20海辺のペンダントSeaside Pendant16/08/1995
21ピアノよ響け星空にResound, Piano, To the Starry Sky23/08/1995
22ねらわれたじゃ魔ピーTargeted Jama-P30/08/1995
23初キスが奪われる!My First Kiss is Going to be Stolen!06/09/1995
24ドキドキ学園祭Exciting School Festival13/09/1995
25悪魔のキスは甘くないA Devil’s Kiss Isn’t Sweet20/09/1995
26いつわりの結婚式The False Wedding Ceremony27/09/1995
27ウソ! 柳葉さまに恋人?No Way! Captain Yanagiba Has a Lover?04/10/1995
28恋する少女は最強よ!Girls in Love are the Strongest!11/10/1995
29ハロウィンな魔女A Halloween-esque Witch18/10/1995
30グッバイ悪魔さまGood-bye, Dear Devil25/10/1995
31乱入! 恋のライバルTrespassing! Rival for His Love01/11/1995
32マフラーに愛を込めてPutting Your Love in a Muffler08/11/1995
33戦場に咲いた恋The Love That Blossomed on the Battlefield15/11/1995
34恋のあやつり人形The Marionette of Love22/11/1995
35四人目の愛天使The Fourth Love Ange29/11/1995
36一人ぼっちの愛天使The Lone Wolf Love Angel06/12/1995
37サルビアの涙Salvia's Tears13/12/1995
38お別れの熱いキスPassionate Farewell Kiss20/12/1995
39先生は悪魔?The Teacher is a Devil?27/12/1995
40愛が吸われちゃう!My Love is Being Sucked Away!10/01/1996
41恋愛ごっこ大スキーPretend Love, Great Skiing17/01/1996
42ゆりのく.ち.び.るYuri's Lips24/01/1996
43レインデビラの真実The Truth About Raindevila31/01/1996
44じゃ魔ピーの初恋Jama-P's First Love07/02/1996
45帰ってきたママMama’s Come Home14/02/1996
46私の恋人は悪魔My Boyfriend is a Devil21/02/1996
47よみがえれ、愛の記憶Revive, Memories of Love28/02/1996
48愛すれどせつなくLoving is Painful06/03/1996
492人だけの夜The Night for Just the Two of Us13/03/1996
50離れない心Inseparable Hearts20/03/1996
51ラスト・ウェディングLast Wedding27/03/1996