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Welcome to, a growing resource focused on the 1994-1997 Japanese multimedia franchise, Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach. Here you will find English language information on the series, as well as a variety of rare images and music for your enjoyment. Please look around and have a wonderful stay. We currently have 355 quality, original Wedding Peach scans for your enjoyment with more to come! All 10 regular series CD singles and CD albums are available to listen to as well. More multimedia is on its way, stay tuned!

Dengeki G’s Magazine has been one of Japan’s premier resources for bishoujo games since the 1990’s, and because Wedding Peach had a bishoujo game released at one point (“Doki Doki Oironaoshi!” for the PlayStation) the magazine and its specials covered the title with unique articles and images not seen elsewhere.

All scans in this section have been donated by my dear friend, Kiel, from their collection of old G’s mags. Kindly don’t repost these scans in ad-supported galleries. Visit for more obscure anime, video game, and seiyuu material from my dear friend.

Dengeki G’s Engine – July 1996

This issue features a brief look at the Doki Doki Oironaoshi game as part of the G’s Selection column.


Dengeki G’s Engine – August 1996

This issue contains a more in-depth look at Doki Doki Oironaoshi game by featuring character profiles, costumes, and scenarios.

Dengeki G’s Engine – September 1996

This issue’s Doki Doki Oironaoshi article gives additional insight into dates and costumes in the game.

Dengeki G’s Paradise – Special 1997

This one-off special magazine was published in March of ’97 and boasts features on games such as Sentimental Grafitti. It also contains an impressive four-page spread on the Wedding Peach DX OVA, including an illustration by character designer, Ichiishi Sayuri that can’t be found anywhere else.