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Welcome to, a growing resource focused on the 1994-1997 Japanese multimedia franchise, Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach. Here you will find English language information on the series, as well as a variety of rare images and music for your enjoyment. Please look around and have a wonderful stay. We currently have 355 quality, original Wedding Peach scans for your enjoyment with more to come! All 10 regular series CD singles and CD albums are available to listen to as well. More multimedia is on its way, stay tuned!

Published by Gekkan, Animedia magazine is a long-running monthly publication established in 1981 that covers all elements of the Japanese animation industry including television, video, film, voice acting, related games, and more. Animedia is also one of the cheaper magazines available and the print quality often reflects this in issues from the 80s and 90s. In more recent years, with a price increase, Animedia is now closer in quality to comparable magazines from other publishers.

Wedding Peach was featured in several issues of Animedia during its broadcast with articles about the series along with pin-ups and inserts. I own these issues with Wedding Peach content, among many others, and I’ve scanned them to share with you here.

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Animedia Magazine – April 1995

This issue of the magazine boasts an Akazukin Chacha cover while inside there’s a Wedding Peach double-page spread that gives us a first look at the leads in their angelic attire. The art here is provided by animation director, Ichiishi Sayuri.

Animedia Magazine – May 1995

This issue of the magazine has a cute Mahoujin Guru Guru cover while inside there’s a Wedding Peach double-page feature that introduces the series leads and villains. Art provided by animation director, Watanabe Mayumi.

Animedia Magazine – June 1995

The classic series Tenchi Muyo! features on the cover of this issue. Inside, Wedding Peach receives another two-page spread that covers current goings-on in the show alongside a new illustration by animation director, Watanabe Mayumi.

Animedia Magazine – July 1995

This Animedia issue features the boys of Gundam Wing on the cover and inside there is a mini-poster pin-up of the love angels (and Jama-pii!) from Wedding Peach. This art was originally used on one of the VHS releases for the series.

Animedia Magazine – March 1996

This issue of the magazine has an energetic Bakuretsu Hunters cover and while it does not boast any Wedding Peach articles, it does have a great cassette tape label lift-out featuring a variety of images used on VHS covers, CD albums, and a shitajiki. While these days not many people have a need for tape labels, they’re a fun memory of times past.

Animedia Magazine – December 1996

This issue of Animedia has a festive Kidou Senkan Nadesico cover and stunning two-page coverage of the Wedding Peach DX OVA. The art here is provided by OVA character designer, Ichiishi Sayuri.