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Welcome to, a growing resource focused on the 1994-1997 Japanese multimedia franchise, Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach. Here you will find English language information on the series, as well as a variety of rare images and music for your enjoyment. Please look around and have a wonderful stay. We currently have 355 quality, original Wedding Peach scans for your enjoyment with more to come! All 10 regular series CD singles and CD albums are available to listen to as well. More multimedia is on its way, stay tuned!

Doujinshi are self-published works covering a wide range of forms such as original comics, erotic fan comics, critical analysis, novels, and more. Over the years there have been plenty of erotic fan doujinshi featuring the girls from Wedding Peach, but this section is focused on the more general appeal doujinshi published by artists involved in the production of the anime series.

It is quite common for animators to put together doujinshi releases featuring their rough work for popular anime series and the practice has been around for decades. Where Wedding Peach is concerned, notably the original animation character designer, Tadano Kazuko, published several books for Comiket that featured her preliminary work for the franchise.

I own these doujinshi by Tadano (and her friends) which feature Wedding Peach content, among many others, and I’ve scanned them to share with you here. Standard disclaimer; all images scanned for sharing by, please link back here if you enjoy using them. Kindly don’t repost these scans in ad-supported galleries.

MOMO-MARU Zukan Vol.2

The second collaborative doujinshi by Tadano Kazuko and her friends features Sailor Uranus & Neptune on the cover, but the internal contents don’t focus on the Sailor Moon series at all. Inside, you’ll find a lot of sketches for pictures we see in colour in Tadano’s “Favorite!!” art book as well as rough character work for novels, games, and series. Wedding Peach features early on in the book with some rough character work for the three anime heroines (which look quite different from the finished product).