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Animage is a popular anime, manga, and multimedia entertainment magazine from publisher Tokuma Shoten. The magazine began in 1978 and over the years has printed countless articles on the latest anime trends as well as serialising select manga and novels. Unlike some of the other magazines I’ve scanned here, Animage is still going strong and boasts annual reader voting awards to decide the best anime/manga/seiyuu of the year.

During the 90’s Animage published several features on the Wedding Peach series, including one issue with Momoko gracing the cover. A lot of the internal articles don’t boast amazing art, but they do highlight interesting elements of the plot and cast. All images here are scanned for sharing by, please link back here if you enjoy using them. Kindly don’t repost these scans in ad-supported galleries.

Animage Magazine – April 1995

This issue of Animage features Akazukin Chacha on the cover and has several brief pieces on other new shows starting in the 1995 Spring season. Included, of course, is Wedding Peach which gets a double-page spread including main character designs and a short summary.

Animage Magazine – June 1995

This issue of Animage features Macross 7 on the cover and several comprehensive articles on shows that started during the Spring ’95 season. Wedding Peach receives a 5-page focus with gorgeous original artwork by animation director, Watanabe Mayumi. There’s also a short side column with art by Takashi Akira.


Animage Magazine – July 1995

This issue of Animage actually features Momoko from Wedding Peach on the cover in celebration of the magazine’s 17th anniversary. This illustration was provided by original animation character designer, Tadano Kazuko, and it’s one of my personal faves~. Inside, Wedding Peach receives a 4-page feature on the bubbly heroines with artwork by animation director, Watanabe Mayumi. There are also two pages of questions and answers with series director, Yuyama Kunihiko with accompanying art by Takashi Akira.

Animage Magazine – March 1996

This issue of Animage features Gundam Wing on the cover, with an extensive feature on the series and cast within. Wedding Peach enjoys a  brief but beautifully illustrated piece on the difficulties in the Yousuke/Momoko relationship by animators Tano Mitsuo & Watanabe Mayumi.