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profile-hinagikuName: Tamano Hinagiku (珠野 ひなぎく)
Alter-Ego: Angel Daisy (エンジェルデイジー)
Birthdate: May 5th, 1982 (13)
Blood Type: B
Height: 157cm (5’15”)
Weight: 45kg
Three Sizes: 78cm/55cm/80cm (BWH)
Favourite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favourite Subject: Mathematics
Favourite Food: Sushi, Shabu-shabu (Japanese cuisine)
Favourite Colour: Green
Hobby: Martial arts (Judo, Kenpo, etc.) and DIY (manga only)

Tamano Hinagiku is one of Momoko’s best friends, another student at Saint Hanazono, and the third love angel to awaken after Wedding Peach. Hinagiku is an overt tomboy with a brash, masculine way of speaking and habit of saying whatever is on her mind. She is extremely athletic and excels at Judo in particular. Although Hinagiku puts up a near-impenetrable front, she is actually quite sensitive and likes cute things. Hinagiku is the daughter of a tempestuous florist couple who run their own business and has a younger brother, Akira. In the Saint Hanazono Newspaper Club, Hinagiku is the reporter but also likes to dabble in other areas. Like most other girls at school, Hinagiku is madly in love with the soccer team captain, Yanagiba Kazuya, but her attempts to get closer to him usually end in hijinks.

Hinagiku discovers she is the love Angel Daisy, a reincarnation of the original Angel Daisy, after an attack by Pluie and Jama-Pii. Like Peach and Lily before her, she is charged with protectingt love on Earth. Hinagiku’s angelic abilities are mainly used to subdue devils, though she is also known to physically engage with opponents due to her strength. As the series goes on Hinagiku is forced to confront deeply-buried feelings for her vulnerable childhood friend, Amano Takurou.

Transformation Calls

  • Wedding Attractive Flower!
  • Wedding Change Oironaoshi, Angel Courage Daisy!

Anime Attacks

  • Saint Pendule, Daisy Blizzard!
  • Saint Tornade Dreaming!

DX OVA Attacks

  • Saint Rolling Boomerang!
  • Saint Grenade Critical, Heart Impact! (Group)

Owned Items

  • Saint Pendule
  • Saint  Tornade
  • Saint Something Borrowed (Necklace)