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profile-scarletName: Ohara Scarlet (小原 スカーレット)
Alter-Ego: Angel Salvia (エンジェル サルビア)
Birthdate: November 3rd, 1981 (13-14)
Blood Type: AB
Height: 162cm (5’31”)
Weight: 42kg
Three Sizes: 83cm/57cm/85cm (BWH)
Favourite Subject: English and Mathematics
Least Favourite Subject: Japanese Language and Japanese History
Favourite Food: Pizza and Lasagna
Favourite Colour: Violet
Hobby: Unknown (Horse riding in the anime)

Ohara Scarlet is the final love angel to be introduced in the Wedding Peach series, an aloof and stubborn young woman who isn’t keen to open up her heart despite her angelic origins. Scarlet’s history differs considerably between the anime and manga, with anime Scarlet being a “pure angel” named Salvia who survived the war that sent Celeste to Earth some 15 years before the beginning of the series. Before appearing in the anime, Salvia spent her time killing devils on her own, operating as a lone wolf seeking vengeance for her fallen friends.

In the manga, the original Angel Salvia died alongside the original Lily and Daisy while protecting Celeste. She was later reincarnated on Earth as a half-Japanese/half-American girl named Ohara Scarlet, who inherited her angelic memories before the other love angels and set out on a quest to find them in Japan.

In both versions of the story, Salvia attends school under the name Ohara Scarlet and does not work well with Peach, Lily, and Daisy initially. As the fate of the world rests on their shoulders and the activation of the Saint Something Four, Scarlet must work to overcome her poor social skills and anger at all devil kind in order to rise to be the bearer of the Saint Something New.

Transformation Calls

  • Wedding Excellent Flower!
  • Wedding Change Oironaoshi, Angel Passione Salvia!

Anime Attacks

  • Saint Pure Sword!
  • Jounetsu no Cake Cut!
  • Saint Pure Sword, Bridal Fire!

DX OVA Attacks

  • Saint Twin Sword!
  • Saint Grenade Critical, Heart Impact! (Group)

Manga Only Attacks

  • Saint Pure Sword, Jounetsu no Cake Cut!

Owned Items

  • Saint Pure Sword
  • Saint Twin Swords
  • Saint Something New (Tiara)