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profile-momokoName: Hansaki Momoko (花咲 ももこ)
Alter-Ego: Wedding Peach (ウェディングピーチ)
Birthdate: March 3rd, 1983 (12-13)
Blood Type: O
Height: 154cm (5’01”)
Weight: 40kg
Three Sizes: 75cm/57cm/78cm (BWH)
Favourite Subject: Lunch
Least Favourite Subject: Geography
Favourite Food: Ice Cream
Favourite Colour: Pink
Hobby: Photography

Hanasaki Momoko is the heroine of the Wedding Peach series, a spirited young girl with a good heart she can be quite emotional and relatively clumsy. Momoko was raised from a young age by her photographer father, Shouichirou, after the death of her mother, Sakura. Like her father, Momoko has an interest in photography and takes pictures for the Saint Hanazono Newspaper Club.  As with most other girls at her school, Momoko has a crush on the soccer team captain, Yanagiba Kazuya. Her most precious possession is the ruby ring she inherited from her mother.

Momoko discovers she is the legendary love angel Wedding Peach after Pluie attacks her and Limone gifts her with the Saint Miroir so she can defend herself. The goddess Aphrodite then charges Wedding Peach/Momoko with task of protecting love from the devils who would destroy it. Over time, Momoko is drawn deeper into the war between the angel and devil worlds as her affection for the soccer team’s goalie, Fuuma Yousuke, also grows.

Transformation Calls

  • Wedding Beautiful Flower!
  • Wedding Change Oironaoshi, Angel Amour Peach!

Anime Attacks

  • Lovely Operation Tempete!
  • Saint Miroir Bridal Flash!
  • Saint Crystal, Love For You!

DX OVA Attacks

  • Saint Feather Impulse!
  • Saint Grenade Critical, Heart Impact! (Group)

Manga Only Attacks

  • Bridal Flash!
  • Wedding Kick!
  • Lovely Peach Tempest!
  • Wedding Peach Cut!

Owned Items

  • Saint Miroir
  • Saint Operation
  • Saint Crystal
  • Saint Something Old (Ring)